DCL Combat Loop


The most versatile attachment for holsters and accessories.

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The most versatile attachment for sheaths and holsters . It can be unlocked and removed via a one-handed spring closure release. This same release has a built-in slide lock safety to secure the mounting to your belt.


  • spaziatura dei fori da 3/4 pollici e aletta regolatrice dell’altezza della cintura
  • consente di agganciare gli oggetti in posizione orizzontale o verticale
  • adatto a cinture da 2 a 5 cm
  • chiusura e sicura a “scatto”
  • paragonabile, se non superiore, a TekLok


Product imported from the USA! Be wary of Chinese replicas and imitations to ensure weapons and vital tools.

DCL Combat Loop

DCL Combat Loop